Providence Kickstarter Slipcases Will Ship Starting Late March 2018

Providence slipcase edition photo via Avatar Press

In an email earlier today, Avatar Press shared photos of the collected hardcover Providence slipcase sets that many fans ordered as part of an April 2017 Kickstarter campaign. From the Avatar Press announcement:

…we will finally begin shipping end of March. The Slipcase Sets look lovely, and the ultra-thick board we used for them is very robust. However there was a shortage of that board that took a surprising amount of time to resolve. But you can see for yourself above, these are pictures of the production prototype unit, the first one all assembled with the final materials, for final size confirmation and proofing.

…We will get the slipcases delivered the week of March 19, and then it’s show time. We of course have a ton of these to pack, so please do be aware that it will be many, many weeks from the first set shipping to the final one out the door. Certainly all of April, and it could run well into May, before we are done, but there will be mountains of boxes going out every week and as you ship, you will get tracking emailed to you from Comic Cavalcade. Every single person will get confirmation as they ship. These are almost sold out, so zero copies will ever be offered to stores or Amazon, so no worries about it popping up somewhere else before you get your set!

If you were lucky enough to be one of several hundred Kickstarter patrons to purchase the new collected edition, look for your copy arriving as early as March 2018. 

If you didn’t purchase the Kickstarter slipcase edition, your options appear somewhat limited, but there may be hope on the horizon.

As the above announcement makes clear, these initial slipcases are “almost sold out” though, at the time of writing, they do appear to be for sale for $129 via the publisher’s website.

Some fans are reporting that the $19.99 cover price Providence Act 1 is currently sold out and difficult to find for less than $50. There has not been a public announcement yet, but the Facts Providence team is aware that Avatar Press is working to put out a new collected edition. There’s no schedule, nor any other details that we can share now, though we expect some kind of public announcement on this before mid-2018.

Below are a couple more of the slipcase edition photos shared via email today. The full Avatar Press email announcement is also posted at Kickstarter. For collected edition cover art and more details, see our Providence collected editions page.

Providence slipcase photo via Avatar Press
Avatar Press shipping box for Providence slipcase – photo via Avatar Press

18 thoughts on “Providence Kickstarter Slipcases Will Ship Starting Late March 2018

  1. As of today, May 16, I still have not received mine. I contacted Avatar this morning and was told the following: “we still have loads to go. You should be early June at a guess. But our estimates have been terrible so far! Thanks for your patience.”

    Getting worried. The original ship date was last October, and now it has been over a year since I originally backed this product. Please, any of you who have received your order, let me know so that I can continue to have hope!


  2. My rewards finally arrived, including the remarqued copies. It sucks that the largest rewards packages shipped last as they waited for all the parts to come together. That said the Burrows sketches are totally worth the price.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad to read this, I received my shipping confirmation for the Master of Aklo reward this week, should receive it next week, can’t wait. Curious to know if you also received the CGC graded Platinum Providence #12 (limited to 33) or if you’ll receive it separately later this year? Avatar told me they didn’t received them graded yet. Jeez!


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