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From the March 2015 start, this blog was and is the collaboration of Robert Derie and Joe Linton. After invaluable assistance via comments, Alexx Kay joined our team in December 2015. If you are feeling appreciative and generous, support Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence via our Patreon page.

The church on the cover of Providence #2 appears in Courtyard and Neonomicon as Club Zothique. Art by Jacen Burrows
Providence #2’s dance-hall church is The Courtyard and Neonomicon‘s Club Zothique. Art by Jacen Burrows


Joe Linton is a writer, activist, and artist. He lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife and daughter. He is the author of the book Down by the Los Angeles River. His writing can be found at Streetsblog L.A., L.A. Creek Freak, and The Periodic Fable – which includes his writing on comics, including annotating Alan Moore comicsSplash Brannigan, God Is Dead and Crossed Plus One Hundred. He is heading up teams annotating Cinema Purgatorio and Jerusalem, too.

You can follow Joe on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or email him at linton.joe [at] gmail.com.

Robert Derie is a writer. He lives in Georgia. He is the author of Sex and the Cthulu Mythos and The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard – Index and AddendaHis writing can be found at The Unpublishable, a weekly fiction blog, and he works to expand Wikithulhu, a weird scholarship wiki.

You can follow Bobby on Twitter.


Alexx Kay is a professional game designer. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a lifelong reader, a storyteller since 1981, and a pseudo-historian since 1992.

You can follow Alexx on Livejournal and see and support his other projects on Patreon.

Alexx commented extensively from early on, and officially joined the Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence team in December 2015.

11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. When Providence is complete you should seriously consider publishing your annotations and articles. Perhaps hit up Moore and Burrows for an interview and some peeks at their production work.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Glad to see this blog. Providence has been one of the most beguiling comic series I’ve kept up with in a long time. It’s nice to have such a great resource to bounce off of.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. (Didn’t know where to put this)

    Good news – comiclist.com’s list for “Next Week” say Providence #6 will be out on the coming Wednesday, much earlier than the December schedule!


    • Will do! Thanks for putting this together. (I was thinking we should be doing a page like this – with several key “what to read first” stories before each issue. We did some of these as “what to read before Providence X” posts – but we never got around to fixing and compiling those.)


  4. Congratulations for this fantastic initiative!
    Your website is as an indispensable part of reading *Providence* as *The Courtyard* and *Neonomicon* are. Like a single (and unique!) experience of reading spreading on 4 media (not mentioning HPL works, to start with!).
    About Mangonebulax’ order list suggestion (*How to Read Alan Moore’s Providence*), *The Courtyard* and *Neonomicon* should be added to the list since the whole masterpiece isn’t complete without them.
    Concerning *The Courtyard*, I was extremely surprised not to find any comments page about it on the site. 😯 I think it deserves the attention too, and would certainly lead to delightful observations and theories. 🤩


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