Nightmares of Providence 1

Nightmares of Providence Wisdom cover by Gabriel Andrade (there does not appear to be ‘regular’ cover – this image appears on the digital edition)

Below are annotations for Nightmares of Providence, No. 1  (66 pages including covers – color cover with black and white interior, dated June 2021, released digitally June 30, 2020)
Artists: Jacen Burrows, Gabriel Andrade, Renato Camilo, Daniel Gete, Ivan Rodriguez, and Christian Zanier. No writer listed.

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Note: some of this is obvious, but you never know who’s reading and what their exposure is. If there’s anything we missed or got wrong, let us know in comments.


General: This comic features full-page artwork inspired by HP Lovecraft and by Providence. It was initially available just before Avatar Press launched its Providence Compendium Kickstarter campaign, which included numerous NOP variant covers – and a NOP Bonus Terrors digital comic. There is hardly any Alan Moore related content in NOP. Though the images are compelling – many simultaneously horrific and beautiful – there are not a whole lot of references to annotate.

Nightmares of Providence is currently available for purchase from the Avatar Press in-house Comic Cavalcade online shop.


Inside Cover

  • The page announces five Daniel Gete pentaptych (five interlocking images apparently) variant covers that have not been shown as of July 2021.
  • A version (with full blacks) of this Burrows art appeared on page 126 of Dreadful Beauty, where it is listed as “Yuggoth Cultures Illustration.”
  • The upper image depicts, left to right, HP Lovecraft, Alan Moore, and perhaps Cthulhu.

Page 1

  • The Daniel Gete image appears to portray HP Lovecraft, with some sort of tentacled symbiote growth.

Page 2

  •  This Gabriel Andrade image may depict Cthulhu.

Page 3 – no specific annotations

Page 4

  • The Ivan Rodriguez images on pages 4-7 appear to be interlocking – and appear to connect to his image on page 16 of NOP Bonus Terrors.

Page 5 – no specific annotations

Page 6

  • This appears to depict Providence characters: Johnny Carcosa (right), FBI director Carl Perlman, and a pregnant Merril Brears.

Page 7

  • The depicts Providence/Lovecraft characters: Willard Wheatley/Wilbur Whateley (center facing right), and three Lovecraftian creatures (the first two resemble a Mi-go?) Suggest??
Deep one in Neonomicon – art by Jacen Burrows

Page 8

Page 9

Pages 10-11 – no specific annotations (Christian Zanier art)

Pages 12-13 – no specific annotations (Pages 12-64 are all Daniel Gete art)

Page 14

  • This depicts Lilith and Robert Black – a scene from the middle of Providence #2.

Page 15 – no specific annotations

Page 16

Page 17 – no specific annotations

Page 18

  • This appears to depict a Deep One hybrid from Lovecraft’s “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.” Note the gill-like ridges on the neck.

Pages 19-23

Page 24 – no specific annotations

  • This may be HP Lovecraft (?)

Page 25 – no specific annotations

Page 26

Page 27

  • Is this 7-tentacled starfish-like creature a specific mythos entity? Suggest??

Pages 28-31 – no specific annotations

Page 32

  • These appear to be more Innsmouth Deep Ones.

Pages 33-40 – no specific annotations

Page 41

Page 42

Page 43 – no specific annotations

Page 44

Page 45

  • This looks like another Innsmouth Deep One.

Page 46

Pages 47-56 – no specific annotations

Page 57

Pages 58-60 – no specific annotations

Page 61

Page 62-63 – no specific annotations

Page 64 

Inside Back Cover (appears in print edition only)

  • This print-only image depicts a sort of kid Cthulhu with a Cthulhu balloon.

Back Cover

  • print back cover features an ad for the Providence Compendium.

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