Mapping Providence

Commenter Sithoid, who has contributed some fine material for us, has recently been doing a lot of cartographic research, identifying Providence locations on period maps. Some of this material has been integrated into the notes for the individual pages, but he’s also made some larger maps, which we thought deserved their own page. All the maps may be clicked on to see large versions.

1. New England, showing the various cities that Robert Black travels to.

2. New York (Manhattan). Primarily locations from issues 1 and 11.

3. Brooklyn. Primarily locations relevant to The Courtyard, Neonomicon, and Providence issues 2 and 11.

4. Salem. Primarily relevant to issue 3.

Salem v2

5. Athol. Primarily relevant to issue 4.

6. Manchester. Primarily issues 5 and 6.

7. Boston. Primarily issues 7 and 8.

8. Providence. Primarily issues 9 and 10.