Big Providence Kickstarter Campaign Underway Today

0f3ee791b41be8963a65e24fafbbcdee_originalAvatar Press launched a Kickstarter campaign today for handsome-looking new slipcase edition of Providence, which includes Neonomicon, plus a new “Dreadful Beauty” art book featuring Jacen Burrows 100+ covers.

The Kickstarter campaign also has a dozen more variant covers for Providence #12, with previously unused art. There are options for inexpensive digital editions to very high-end editions signed by Moore and Burrows.

At the time of this posting, the campaign has already far surpassed its $8,300 goal, with more than $40,000 pledged. The high-end limited edition autographed, remarqued $599 package is already sold out, but there are still plenty of packages to choose from for the discerning Providence reader.

22 thoughts on “Big Providence Kickstarter Campaign Underway Today

  1. I look forward to seeing how they structure the books out considering how they were with the comics and back-matter journal elements with the separate issues.

    And honestly, even if they don’t ever publish the scripts, I would love to see a Providence Companion like the From Hell Companion written by Eddie Campbell: though I don’t know if Jacen Burrows wants to do that … or if he isn’t doing his own version with Dreadful Beauty.

    Either way, I look forward to something along those lines. There is just so much to explore in this.


    • And this could only happen with excerpts from the scripts, so like That Fuzzy Bastard said, seeing the complete scripts themselves or excerpted and expanded on with commentary by Burrows and his illustrations might take some time: as even The From Hell Companion took some time to happen.

      And if any of Alan Moore’s works deserves a From Hell Companion treatment, it is definitely Providence.

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  2. For those of you who familiar with Avatar’s usual practices, do you think they will eventually publish a more modest collected edition, like a regular trade paperback for example? Or should I aim to get the three volumes (Acts 1-3) as an alternative to the (too expensive for me) Kickstarter version?



  3. Jacen Burrows – No, I think it’ll be the standard collection which has Courtyard and Neo. Probably have to order the companion on its own. Assuming they have anymore. I doubt it was kept in print.


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