Act 2 Collected Edition Out This Week, with Minor Corrections

Providence Act 2 hardcover cover – art by Jacen Burrows

This week Avatar Press released the first collected edition of Providence Act 2, which reprints Providence issues 5 through 8. The cover features Robert Black in front of the Witch House that featured prominently in issue #5. The back cover reprints a detail of Elspeth Wade from issue #6’s Women of HPL variant cover. The collected edition is currently only available in hardcover, for a $21.99 cover price. For covers and other details of collected editions, see this page.

As we did with the initial Act 1 collection, and as only hardcore Moore-Lovecraft nerds are wont, the Facts team looked over the new edition to see if we could find any differences from the individual comics that the hardback collects. Mostly we were looking to see if any of the minor errors that we had spotted (and recorded on our nitpicks page, and reported to Avatar Press) had been corrected.

Good news!

Pretty much all of the easy to fix nitpicks have been corrected – though it appears that only the ones in the body of the comic have been updated, and none of the ones in the Commonplace Book.

See below for some side by side comparisons  Continue reading

First ‘Providence Act 1’ Collection Hits the Stands

Back cover of Providence Act 1 limited hardcover - art by Jacen Burrows
Back cover of Providence Act 1 limited hardcover – art by Jacen Burrows

There is barely any new material in it for us die-hard Providence fans, but this week saw the first collected editions of Moore and Burrows’ Providence. The limited edition hardcover Providence Act 1 costs $19.99. It is limited to 6666 copies.

Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence already had the cover posted at the miscellaneous Providence covers page. Many Cinema Purgatorio Kickstarter backers have received a special Willard Wheatley variant cover edition for Act 1. That cover is also posted at the miscellaneous covers page.

The collection preserves the issue-by-issue pagination by taking the individual comics’ back cover Lovecraft quotes and placing them on the back of each cover page (though these cover images are now chapter pages.) Page-turn reveals, including the peacock feather seller at the end of the second chapter, remain the way Moore and Burrows engineered them.

The back cover of Act 1 does includes a heretofore unseen Jacen Burrows illustration of the shed where the invisible John-Divine Wheatley resides. On the wall, of course, are the crayon drawings that appear interspersed in issue four’s Commonplace Book back matter. Continue reading