Providence 7 Ghoul Variant Covers Now On Sale Separately

Providence 7 four ghoul variant covers – by Jacen Burrows and Michael DiPascale

In this week’s big exciting Providence news (sarcasm) issue #7‘s ghoul variant covers are now available for individual purchase. Prior to 2019, these had only ever been available in sets of four.

During the 2016 Cinema Purgatorio Kickstarter, Avatar Press first offered these four ghoul variant covers for Providence 7:

  • Boyleston Street Subway Incident
  • The Great Molasses Disaster
  • Stolen Finery
  • Miss Lowell is Buried in Copps Hill Burial Ground

These uncommon variants are limited to 1,000 copies each. The cover artwork was painted by Michael DiPascale over drawings by Jacen Burrows – similar to other Weird Pulp variant covers. The art appears inside the issue as Ronald Underwood Pitman’s paintings. Pitman is, of course, Providence‘s analogue for Lovecraft’s Richard Upton Pickman from the short story “Pickman’s Model.“

The ghoul variant covers are annotated at Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence Weird Pulp variant covers page.

Now, for only the $9.99 cover price, interested collectors can purchase ghoul variants directly from the publisher’s website. The ghoul cover sets remain available: as a set of four for $29.99 or as part of a $139.99 Act 2 bundle.

If you’re looking to hoard and corner the market on, just the, say, that excellent Great Molasses Disaster cover, then you’re in luck this week!

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