Raulo Caceres on Providence, Including Unpublished Cover Art

Though Jacen Burrows is far and away the primary artist who created nearly all the visuals associated with Providence, a few others made worthwhile contributions. Colorist Juan Manuel Rodríguez played a huge role in making Burrows art come to life. Michael DiPascale worked with Burrows to paint Weird Pulp and Ghoul variant coversSusanna Peretz, Mitch Jenkins, and others created the ghoul photograph at the end of Providence 7.

Then there’s Raulo Caceres who did the artwork for the nine “Century” variant covers. Deep in Caceres’ website, there is unpublished artwork for a tenth Providence cover.

Unpublished Providence cover art by Raulo Caceres

Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence recently interviewed Caceres regarding his art for Crossed+100, but also asking a few questions about his contributions to Providence:

Facts Providence: Your Providence Century covers clearly reference specific Lovecraft stories. Any interesting details, Easter eggs in these?

Raulo Caceres: These covers are completely faithful to the stories that inspired them and whoever knows the stories will understand all the details that appear. Here I was very canonical, but I focused on less famous and less frequently illustrated stories, so as not to repeat myself. Making these covers was a great challenge, because, even though I knew Lovecraft’s work, I re-read all the material to be meticulous and specific.

On your website, there’s an unpublished Providence cover that looks like a wrap cover based on Lovecraft’s “The Shadow over Innsmouth.” Can you tell more about that cover – what was it was intended for and why it wasn’t published?

This cover has a unusual story. Initially, I drew that cover for the Stitched series. It featured [Garth] Ennis’ sewn zombies dismembering a naked girl. The editor rejected it, I suppose because it was too explicit. Then, because I liked the composition, I “recycled” it, turning the zombies into deep ones and the girl into a kind of mother goddess who gave birth to Lovecraftian beings. So the publisher did buy it, but I have no idea what he will do with it.

Have you read a lot of Lovecraft? What’s your favorite Lovecraft story?

I have read almost everything Lovecraft wrote and I have many comic book adaptations of them. I have also been playing the Call of Cthulhu game for years, and other similar games. Lovecraft’s universe is infinite. I always remember, with chills, “The Thing on the Doorstep,” but the best is “The Shadow over Innsmouth.”

Readers can find Raulo Caceres art online at his website and Facebook page.


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