The Providence Compendium Has Arrived

The new paperback Providence Compendium is in stores – and available for purchase online via Avatar Press’ Comic Cavalcade store.

There a few fun minor new features to point out that didn’t appear in earlier three-volume collections.

First off, the inside back cover has additional acknowledgements. These include researchers, painter Michael DiPascale (who collaborated with Jacen Burrows on the ghoul paintings as well as Weird Pulp covers), and the folks behind the ghoul photo shoot.

And, last but not least, the Facts Providence team – Joe Linton, Robert Derie and Alexx Kay – credited for proofreading.

Providence Compendium acknowledgements

Facts Providence has, via our Nitpicks page, kept track of minor errors that might be corrected in future editions. We submitted these to the publisher. Where they agreed with our assessment, and where it wasn’t too involved to make changes, they fixed several minor mistakes. Earlier Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3 editions included some corrections, though nothing in the Commonplace Book text.

The new compendium edition cleans up pretty much all of the remaining nitpicks; below are a few examples. As you will notice, none of these are important. They barely affect the reader’s enjoyment of the book, but it’s pleasant to see some small improvements.

In the compendium Providence 9 Commonplace Book, “Tough” has been corrected to “Though”
Earlier printings omitted the upside question mark that would punctuate a question in Spanish – Providence 1, P11,p2
The new compendium added the missing upside down question mark
The compendium corrects a typo in the name of Guillaume Apollinaire – Providence 3, P29
The compendium adds the missing lettering on the front of the New York Herald building


One thought on “The Providence Compendium Has Arrived

  1. It’s very cool that they made these changes, and it must be very satisfying for you guys to get some kind of official recognition. I remember the kick I got getting namechecked in Eric Berlatsky’s Conversations. Also, I found it very pleasing to learn of Andrew Buckley’s involvement in the photoshoot. I missed him in The Show.

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