Act 3 Collected Edition Out, with Minor Corrections

Providence Act 3 hardcover – art by Jacen Burrows

With the release last week of the hardcover edition of Providence Act 3, any readers who were waiting can now read the full 12-issue series. Act 3 collects issues 9 through 12. The Jacen Burrows cover features Robert Black in front of a snowy Bryant Park exit chamber. The back cover image is from

As with Act 1 and Act 2, the Facts Providence team was eager to look through the new collection, and to see where we could spot differences from the individual issues. We had submitted our list of nitpicks to the publisher, Avatar Press. They corrected pretty much of all of the easily-fixed minor errors that we had pointed out. It appears that only the errors in the body of the comic have been updated, and none of the ones in the Commonplace Book back matter.

Below are some sample side-by-side comparisons: 

Minor missing blacks corrected in Providence Act 3. Art by Jacen Burrows
Minor spelling corrections fixed in Providence Act 3. Art by Jacen Burrows

From our count there are 11 corrections: (see details at our nitpicks page)

  • Providence #9: P3,p4,  P8,p3, P11,p4, P17,p2 and P22,p3
  • Providence #10: (none)
  • Providence #11: P20,p4
  • Providence #12: P1,p4, P7,p1, P8,p1, P8,p1, and P31,p3

Thanks to all our sharp-eyed readers who spotted and reported these minor errors to us. Did anyone else spot anything else noteworthy in the new Providence Act 3 collection?

5 thoughts on “Act 3 Collected Edition Out, with Minor Corrections

  1. Damn! I pre-ordered this from Amazon MX but it seems it’s nor longer available. I got one and two, but three seems to be impossible to get (without expensive shipping at least).


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