Covers Uncovered!

Providence #3, Women of HPL cover, by Jacen Burrows
Providence #3, Women of HPL variant cover, by Jacen Burrows

We’re doing some annotation of covers these days. Though Providence doesn’t come out until late May 2015, covers for issues # 1-3 have already been publicized by Avatar Press and their magazine Bleeding Cool. There are regular covers and several variant covers for each issue. The regular cover is annotated on the page for that issue (Providence #1, #2, and #3.)

We’ve given each of the Providence variants their own page: Dreamscape, Pantheon, Portrait, and Women of HPL.

Neonomicon #3 Book of the Dead variant, by Jacen Burrows
Neonomicon #3 Book of the Dead variant cover, by Jacen Burrows

And, to finish up our Neonomicon annotations, we’re annotating covers there too. The regular covers are on the annotations page for each issue (Neonomicon #1, #2, #3, and #4.)

Robert recently posted the annotations for the Book of the Dead and Auxiliary variant covers, each on their own page.

There are links for all of these on the right column; they’re also organized for easy perusal via our handy Alan Moore Lovecraft Comics Annotations Index page.

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