Providence #11 Annotations Posted

The penultimate issue of Providence came out yesterday, and it is a reference-packed tour de force taking the narrative from Black’s 1919 to the present day. Eagle-eyed readers can spot “The Dunwich Horror,” “The Horror at Red Hook,” “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” “The Thing at the Doorstep”, Robert E. Howard, William Burroughs, Clark Ashton Smith and much, much more. There are also plenty of ties to Moore and Burrows’ The Courtyard and Neonomicon.

Detail from Providence 11 Dreamscape variant cover – art by Jacen Burrows

The Facts Providence team has first-run-through Providence #11 annotations up. Site authors and readers will continue to review, update and add details. Look them over and let us know if there are things we got wrong or missed.

Providence #2 Annotations Posted

Providence #2, detail from Page 6, panel 3 - art by Jacen Burrows
Providence #2, detail from Page 6, panel 3 – art by Jacen Burrows

Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows Providence #2 comic came out two days ago, and it’s an excellent read. Moore tugs readers along with sweet human interaction, anticipation, and a touch of horror. Burrows delivers a detailed portrayal of likable expressive characters inhabiting a believable early 20th Century Brooklyn and he always does the noir lighting and scary creature well, too.

We’re still re-reading, spotting more, and re-working, but we’ve posted our basic annotations already, which do include spoilers.

There are, of course, plenty of references to H.P. Lovecraft stories, especially The Horror at Red Hook. That story is very much worth a read or listen. If you’re looking for just a little background before you read Providence #2, read our spoiler-free preview post Continue reading

Read Before Providence #2: Intro to Robert Suydam of The Horror at Red Hook

The church on the cover of Providence #2 appears in Courtyard and Neonomicon as Club Zothique. Art by Jacen Burrows
The church on the cover of Providence #2 appeared earlier in The Courtyard and Neonomicon as Club Zothique. Art by Jacen Burrows

Based on its cover, an advance review, and references in Providence #1, annotated here, we think we can guess at some of where Providence #2 looks like it’s going. Providence #2 will be out July 8th, and we’ll learn if our projections are correct. For now, though, for Providence readers, here’s an introduction to the sinister Robert Suydam and the 1925 H.P. Lovecraft short story The Horror at Red Hook.

We’ve quoted and summarized below, but if you’re not already familiar with it, we highly recommend reading The Horror At Red Hook. Read the full text here, or listen to an audiobook version hereContinue reading