Digital Nightmares of Providence Released

Nightmares of Providence issue 1 is now out digitally. Cover art by Gabriel Andrade.

Backers of the Avatar Press Providence Compendium Kickstarter are receiving their digital fulfillment of the Nightmares of Providence comic. NOP1 is a 66-page black and white publication with Providence/Lovecraft inspired images by Gabriel Andrade, Renato Camilo, Daniel Gete, Ivan Rodriguez, and Christian Zanier. The majority of NOP1 images are by Daniel Gete.

According to Avatar’s inhouse Comic Cavalcade store (where NOP1 is available for purchase), paper copies are due out July 10.

The Nightmares #1 credits page announces an additional series of Daniel Gete “pentaptych” variant covers (apparently five interlocking images), which have not been made public yet. See the Facts Providence page for annotations of the extensive NOP variant covers.

Facts Providence will doing annotations of the Nightmares of Providence images soon. Find them at the NOP1 page.

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Avatar Press Announces New Providence Compendium Edition

New full Providence collection is on sale for $59.99 – cover art by Jacen Burrows and Michael DiPascale

Today, Avatar Press announced that the wait is nearly over; Providence will soon be available in a new single volume “Compendium” edition. The $59.99 480-page hardback is available to order today, and is expected to be printed in early 2021. There is a $29.99 paperback planned, but not yet for sale. There is also a new tie-in 48-page Nightmares of Providence Lovecraft art comic, available with at least nine different covers. There are also some new Neonomicon covers and a “gold seal Stella Sapiente bundle” of sealed issues of Neonomicon and Providence.

Avatar’s inhouse Comics Cavalcade store is selling the new hardcover, as well as several collector sets of these right now through October 24 – in advance of a planned Kickstarter campaign coming soon thereafter.

It appears that a lot of the new Providence editions covers feature artwork from already published covers. The hardback features the Jacen Burrows and Michael DiPascale art from issue 9’s Weird Pulp variant cover. The paperback features the regular cover for issue #1. The Facts Providence team will be posting/annotating new collection artwork at the Collected Editions page. Coming soon, there will be a new page for annotating Nightmares.

Find all the annotations and more at the index page.

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New 10th Anniversary Neonomicon Hardcover, Plus One More Moore Lovecraft Comic Anticipated Soon

Cover of 10th Anniversary Neonomicon (same art as Neonomicon #1 New York Comic Con variant cover) – via Previews World

Avatar Press recently announced a new edition of Neonomicon is due in stores on January 29, 2020. The hardcover $29.99 Neonomicon 10th Anniversary Edition is signed by artist Jacen Burrows and limited to just 500 copies. Read the full description at Previews World.

In another new Previews World listing (for Alan Moore’s Cinema Purgatorio box set), Avatar mentions “a new series on the horizon.” Though it is not entirely clear what this refers to, some Moore fans are speculating that it is Moore’s as-yet-unnamed Lovecraft project.

In a 2016 interview with Pádraig Ó Méalóid (see page 336 of Mud and Starlight ), Moore outlines the comics writing he plans to complete before retiring. He mentions that he has “around forty-eight pages for me to complete on another Avatar project, Lovecraft related.”Assuming that 48 pages is the whole project, it would likely equate to two 24-page issues.

In July 2019, Bleeding Cool mentioned that Moore “had written some other stories prior to this [Moore’s retirement from comics] that will be published in the near future.” Bleeding Cool is published by Avatar Press.

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New Moore and O’Neil Cinema Purgatorio Kickstarter with Providence Premiums

Cover for Providence Act 1 Hardcover Kickstarter Exclusive. Art by Jacen Burrows
Cover for Providence Act 1 Hardcover Kickstarter Exclusive. Art by Jacen Burrows

Alan Moore’s latest project Cinema Purgatorio was announced this morning via Kickstarter. Watch Moore’s clever droll promotional video. As of 10 a.m. it is already fully funded, but, while supplies last, readers can still get some handsome Providence premiums: autographed copies of Providence #1 and a new Kickstarter exclusive Providence Act 1 book that collects Providence #1-4.

For Cinema Purgatorio, due out from Avatar Press in May 2016, Moore joins forces with his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen collaborator Kevin O’Neil, plus additional features by Kieron Gillen / Ignacio Calero, Garth Ennis / Raulo Caceres, Christos Gage / Gabriel Andrade (Moore’s collaborator on Crossed Plus One Hundred), and Max Brooks and Michael DiPascale (Moore and Burrows’ collaborator on Providence Weird Pulp variant covers.)

Cinema Purgatorio looks fun – who is up for collaborating on annotations?