Digital Nightmares of Providence Released

Nightmares of Providence issue 1 is now out digitally. Cover art by Gabriel Andrade.

Backers of the Avatar Press Providence Compendium Kickstarter are receiving their digital fulfillment of the Nightmares of Providence comic. NOP1 is a 66-page black and white publication with Providence/Lovecraft inspired images by Gabriel Andrade, Renato Camilo, Daniel Gete, Ivan Rodriguez, and Christian Zanier. The majority of NOP1 images are by Daniel Gete.

According to Avatar’s inhouse Comic Cavalcade store (where NOP1 is available for purchase), paper copies are due out July 10.

The Nightmares #1 credits page announces an additional series of Daniel Gete “pentaptych” variant covers (apparently five interlocking images), which have not been made public yet. See the Facts Providence page for annotations of the extensive NOP variant covers.

Facts Providence will doing annotations of the Nightmares of Providence images soon. Find them at the NOP1 page.

After the jump, Facts Providence shares a few of the new images from Nightmares #1.

New Nightmares of Providence #1 artwork by Gabriel Andrade
Nightmares of Providence #1 image by Renato Camilo – featuring deep ones based on Jacen Burrows design from Neonomicon
Nightmares of Providence #1 back cover – art by Daniel Gete. This appears to be a shantak.

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