Digital-Only Nightmares of Providence Bonus Terrors Kickstarter Is Out

Nightmares of Providence digital-only Bonus Terrors cover – art by Daniel Gete

As part of the Avatar Press Providence Compendium Kickstarter, some backers received the Nightmares of Providence “Bonus Terrors” digital-only add-on.

The 18-page black and white Terrors features artwork by Jacen Burrows, Sebastian Fiumara, Daniel Gete, Matt Martin, Juan Jose Ryp, Ivan Rodriguez, and Dheeraj Verma. It contains little directly connected to Moore and Burrows – mostly consisting of HP Lovecraft-inspired monsters (many extensively tentacled), mostly in full-page format.

Facts Providence will do annotations for Bonus Terrors, though there does not appear to be all that specific references. Check the Annotations Index and/or the Nightmares of Providence page for Bonus Terrors annotations – coming soon.

Bonus Terrors includes three unpublished images from Jacen Burrows’ initial Moorecraftian story The Courtyard.

One of the images was already printed in The Courtyard Companion, which is a great source for annotations for The Courtyard (and currently available for order from Avatar Press’ inhouse Comics Cavalcade store.) See a detail of that image at Facts Providence Ask the Artist interview. For what it’s worth the Courtyard Companion version includes gray tones, and the Bonus Terrors image includes just Burrows’ line drawing.

The other two unused Burrows Courtyard images show details of the polaroid crime scene photos reviewed by the protagonist Aldo Sax.

Unpublished The Courtyard artwork by Jacen Burrows – included in Bonus Terrors

Below is one more Bonus Terrors image – a tentacled being – by Daniel Gete.

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