Providence 11’s $40 Century Variant Covers by Raulo Caceres

Providence #11, Century Variant 07 - Mountains of Madness; art by Raulo Caceres
Providence #11, Century Variant 07 – Mountains of Madness; art by Raulo Caceres

Just announced today: Avatar will be publishing a series of ten extra variant covers for Providence #11. This new limited edition set are “Century” variant covers drawn by Raulo Caceres, artist of Moore-curated anthology Cinema Purgatorio‘s Code Pru. Each cover depicts a scene from Lovecraft fiction. Each Century issue retails for a whopping $39.99, with the set of ten retailing for just $285. While supplies last, purchase Century variants at Comics Cavalcade.

Facts Providence has a new page specifically for annotations of these Century covers.

These Century variants are the only Providence artwork so far that is not the product of Providence’s hard-working artist Jacen Burrows. Though perhaps Mitch Jenkin’s photograph at the end of Providence #7 also counts in this category.

The Century covers bring the expected total of Providence covers to 99. There are twelve issues with seven regular variations (regular, Dreamscape, Pantheon, Portrait, Weird Pulp, Women, and Ancient Tome) plus four ghoul covers for issue #7. That is not counting collected editions

What is also somewhat interesting is the release date. According to Comics Cavalcade, Century orders ship on Monday December 12. It is speculative (these release dates move around sometimes), but according to CC, and other sources, Providence #11 should be out next week: November 30. We’ll see. Update: supposed to be December 7 now.

Providence #11 and 12, similar to Watchmen, will have no Commonplace book back matter, so there could be a nice long juicy issue to annotate as early as next week.

7 thoughts on “Providence 11’s $40 Century Variant Covers by Raulo Caceres

  1. Kind of a huge, enormous insult, to spend time cooking up more price-gouging “variants” for the daft sods that think new comics are an investment, while we proles are having to wait 4 or 5 months (I’ve forgotten) just for the standard verseion.

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    • Those are some beautiful variants though IMO.
      I really love The Dunwich Horror, The Witch House, & The Whisperer in the Darkness as well as the Lovecraft portrait cover.
      And I’ll probably be getting at least one or two of those.
      $39.99 is kind of steep though. 😦


  2. Wow these are super intense. Those Mi-Go!

    Why they would not just commission 12 of these and release a big deluxe package at the end of the run is beyond me – but Avatar obviously has its act together and knows what it’s doing.

    Hoping for an all covers trade with Moore/Barrows/now Caceres commentary for every image, but since they don’t like to milk their products, this is probably a pipe dream.

    Anyone know if these images are “Moore scripted” like the rest of the Providence covers?

    Figure there’s 25 minutes ’til Comixology drops the bomb.


  3. I can’t see the reason for all these expensive variant covers. If they wanted to create some interesting related artworks, it might have been better to do a limited edition book with the new art and perhaps comments by the writer and artists.

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  4. 99 covers? Doesn’t it add up to 98? Am I missing one?
    12 issues with 7 covers each, 4 extra covers on #7, 10 extra covers on #11…
    If you include the (so far) 4 hardcover covers, that makes it 102. Not an important post by any means just wondering if there’s an elusive issue I don’t know about.


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