Providence Ending Preview Panels Via Jacen Burrows New Twitter

It has been a while since we last posted. Can we blame it on having fun annotating Jerusalem, Cinema Purgatorio and Crossed+100? Perhaps it is more due to a brief lapse in the publication schedule for Providence. The creators and Avatar Press are readying the final two issues, which are reportedly (similar to Watchmen) chock-full of comics, with no more of that pesky Commonplace Book back-matter. Providence 11 is due out in November. Covers have been publicized and Alan Moore has dropped a tiny hint at the content.

Today, though, we are sharing a couple of Providence preview panels via Jacen Burrows’ relatively new Twitter account @Jacen_art

The above panel, very much part of Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror“, was tweeted in early September, so it is probably from Providence #11, which apparently spins out the futures of some of characters we have met along the way in Providence. Below is a new tweet from yesterday that might be from issue 11 or 12 or possibly even from a non-Providence project… hard to tell.

If you are on Twitter, follow Jacen Burrows at @Jacen_art and follow the creators of Facts at @Ancient0History and @JoeLinton.

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