New Essay On Moore’s Treatment of Lovecraft’s Racism

Detail of Neonomicon xxx
Detail of  Neonomicon Page 14, panel 3. Art by Jacen Burrows

With recent controversy over Lovecraft’s racism, this blog’s co-author Bobby Derie has written an essay examining the intersections of Lovecraft and racism, and how Alan Moore has explored them in Lovecraftian comics so far.

The essay is called American Dread: Alan Moore and the Racism of H. P. Lovecraft.

Moore is telling Lovecraft-inspired stories in The Courtyard, Neonomicon, and Providence, and, while it is not front and center the whole time, Moore has provided a nuanced critique of Lovecraft’s racism.

Read the new essay here.



2 thoughts on “New Essay On Moore’s Treatment of Lovecraft’s Racism

  1. Good essay. I look forward to if and how Moore addresses it in future issues. Sadly I find the whole WFA situation depressing. I agree that HPL’s racists views were deplorable, but I fear his legacy is currently being over-shadowed by the focus on his faults and not his exceptional works that changed the face of horror, fantasy and sci-fi forever.


  2. It’s absurd to hold artists from generations ago to the same moral, ethical or philosophical standards of the present. Only insecure bullies demand that artists share their own worldview as a prerequisite to enjoying the artist’s work. How many artists of real noteworthiness in any medium ever lived lives devoid of controversy?

    Note that this Older clown’s petition wasn’t content only to argue that the award shouldn’t be named after Lovecraft because he was racist, but adds that he was “a terrible wordsmith.” That’s just gratuitious venom; I’m sure Older suspects that people will be still be reading Lovecraft and not his writings after he’s gone, so perhaps he can alleviate the self-doubt by smashing a celebrated idol.


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