New Timeline Page: Moorecraftian Chronology

Thanks to a lot of work, all from Robert Derie, we have a new timeline page up. The Moorecraftian Timeline page features all of the events detailed in Providence, Neonomicon, and The Courtyard in an handy year-by-year chronology. It helps us keep straight just what happened when, and where to look for the detailed reference.

Check out our new timeline page!
Check out our new timeline page!

To find any page you’re looking for, it’s best to start at our Moore Lovecraft Annotations Index page.

The materials we’ve posted are all works in progress. In the coming weeks, we’re planning on doing some clean up. We’re going back through the old annotations, clearing things up, tying together things have gotten clearer as subsequent issues arrived, incorporating more of the great comments we’re getting, fixing typos, etc.


6 thoughts on “New Timeline Page: Moorecraftian Chronology

      • That’s the problem I mentioned in Providence 2:

        “The Book of the Were-Wolves” was published in 1865 and the pamphlet says “the year preceding Etienne’s arrival in East Greenwich” (1685). This could be a deliberate mistake telling us that Etienne Roulet did not borrowed this name.

        Do you think this is a nitpick?

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      • Hmm. Hard to tell who made the error there – possibly deliberate on Moore’s part, to make the owner of the pamphlet look to be in error? Either way, I think I need to revise the annotation.

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