Providence #2 Annotations Posted

Providence #2, detail from Page 6, panel 3 - art by Jacen Burrows
Providence #2, detail from Page 6, panel 3 – art by Jacen Burrows

Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows Providence #2 comic came out two days ago, and it’s an excellent read. Moore tugs readers along with sweet human interaction, anticipation, and a touch of horror. Burrows delivers a detailed portrayal of likable expressive characters inhabiting a believable early 20th Century Brooklyn and he always does the noir lighting and scary creature well, too.

We’re still re-reading, spotting more, and re-working, but we’ve posted our basic annotations already, which do include spoilers.

There are, of course, plenty of references to H.P. Lovecraft stories, especially The Horror at Red Hook. That story is very much worth a read or listen. If you’re looking for just a little background before you read Providence #2, read our spoiler-free preview post with background on H.P. Lovecraft’s story The Horror at Red Hook, especially its villain Robert Suydam.

If you’ve spotted things that we haven’t, please comment on the annotations page… though we’re trying to refrain from a lot of speculation discussion about what might be coming next. For your guesses at what’s next, for now, perhaps comment at our early predictions open thread post.


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