Alan Moore Providence Promotional Videos – with Transcriptions

Alan Moore still from embedded Providence video
Alan Moore still from embedded Providence video

There is still a week before Providence #2 drops on July 8. Read a purposefully-sparse Bleeding Cool advance review here. We’ve annotated the recently revealed covers for Providence #4… and I was looking for some more Alan Moore that we hadn’t shared here yet, so I transcribed three 1-minute long Alan Moore Providence promotional videos that were released back in May. Enjoy.

“The reason why H.P. Lovecraft is of such importance to me is that, like myself, Lovecraft lived in the same town for almost the entirety of his life. In my case Northampton, in Lovecraft’s case Providence. But what Lovecraft did was to take the world outside his door – outside his window – that regional landscape that he was born from and to ingeniously fuse that with the imagined extremities of the universe, with the blind random forces that governed it which he manifested as his horrific tentacled gods. That was the genius of  Lovecraft, that he managed to reconcile the world of the every day and the real and the immediate – with a world far beyond human imagination, human experience, human comprehension. To me that was his greatest contribution to both literature and perhaps to philosophy.”

H.P. Lovecraft was a relentless antiquarian who seemed to despise all modernism. He had contempt for the writings of T.S. Eliot, James Joyce, or Gertrude Stein. And yet in Lovecraft’s own writings he seems to be a closet modernist. He was using stream of consciousness techniques. He was using glossolalia that was the equal of Stein’s or Joyce’s. And I think that the important thing about Lovecraft, is that – unlike other horror writers who seem to base their horror in the ancient past, Lovecraft – he was a creating a horror of the present day and a horror of the future. It is this that I believe that allows modern horror writers to take Lovecraft’s techniques and ideas and to create a form of horror fiction that is sufficient to the present day.

It strikes me that, in the present day, when we have references to Lovecraft on South Park or in the form of plush toys, that we have become as a culture far too comfortable with cthulhu. What I want to do in Providence is to cast Lovecraft’s stories and Lovecraft’s world and the man himself  in perhaps a new light that will allow Lovecraft’s ideas, Lovecraft’s tremendous conceptions, perhaps to be seen with the freshness and with the startling aspect that Lovecraft originally intended them to have


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